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Track-speed Porsche experience


The “Track-Speed’s Porsche Experience” offers a sequential journey through Porsche’s exhilarating lineup, providing enthusiasts with an immersive and progressive Porsche experience like no other. It’s designed to not only thrill but also educate, allowing participants to appreciate the evolution of Porsche’s engineering prowess firsthand.

The journey begins with the Cayman GT4, a model celebrated for its balance and agility. It’s the perfect introduction, offering a taste of Porsche’s performance capabilities without overwhelming newcomers. You learn the fundamentals of handling and precision, laying the groundwork for what’s to come.

As the journey progresses, you graduate to the GT4 RS, where things start to get more intense. With its enhanced aerodynamics and performance-focused design, the GT4 RS demands more skill and finesse from its driver. It’s a step up in both speed and aggression, challenging participants to push their limits further.

But the ultimate crescendo awaits at the end of the journey with the GT3 RS — the pinnacle of Porsche’s track-focused engineering. With its uncompromising performance and razor-sharp handling, the GT3 RS offers a truly transcendent driving experience. It’s the culmination of everything participants have learned along the way, rewarding them with unmatched speed, precision, and adrenaline.

The Track-Speed’s Porsche Experience isn’t just about driving fast cars; it’s about experiencing the evolution of Porsche’s iconic performance legacy. It’s a journey that leaves you not only exhilarated but also deeply connected to the spirit of Porsche’s racing heritage.

  • Experience start under consultation,
  • You get to drive 2 laps of the Porsche GT4 718
  • You get to drive 2 laps of the Porsche GT4 RS 718
  • You get to drive 2 laps of the Porsche GT3 RS 991

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  • Additional laps are possible, upon request on site.
  • Porsche experience price includes lap ticket and fuel
  • Minimum driver’s age is 25 years old.
  • You are liable for damages up to the excess amount in the case of an accident.
  • No insurance excess 130000€.
  • Basic insurance for €149. Reduces the maximum car damage excess to € 100000.
  • Premium insurance for €249. Reduces damage excess to €60000.
  • Instructor in the car is mandatory for 50€/lap.


Tracks-speed is fueled by our passion for sharing knowledge and experienced gained all those years from driving and competing to circuits around Europe.

Our mission is to offer our fellow petrolheads a chance enjoy cars we personally tune and help them get as fast as possible across line.

Our aim is to capture a smile from all customers after every ride.

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