We take really good care of our cars , we treat them as if they are garage queens and we maintain them at high level . When you drive with Trackspeed we practically share with you our pride and joy and we expect you to treat them that way.

NO drifting, NO over revving, NO tyre slayer, NO forgotten or wanna be champions

If you feel like any for the above then we have no drive for you!

  • What happens if I crush?

    The same as if you crush with your car! You pay it!

    This is a really unpleasant situation for both parties, on this case you only pay for repairs not the loss of the company while the car is fixed nor the diminish in its value

  • How do I know which car is more suitable for me?

    Based on the info you provide to our qualified personnel, they will suggest you the proper car This may vary on weather conditions and your experience.

  • When is a deposit necessary?

    Depending on driving experience, track conditions and driving behavior a deposit depending on the required car might be neccesary.

  • Can I get insurance on track?

    Yes insurance on track is possible and you have to arrange on your own at least a week before you drive with Track-Speed. There are companies in Europe that offer that option and you have to consult them.

To all our customer we offer airport pick up From Thessaloniki

Free for some of our full day bookings *check car details

Free beverages to our full day bookings