A few words about Serres Circuit

Serres Motorway is located South-West of the city of Serres between the Omonia Sports Park covering 1,000 acres. Serres Circuit was manufactured in 1998 according to the techniques Safety specifications up to Formula 3 level. It is the largest Circuit at Balkans, 3,186 meters long and 12-15 meters wide (view on our youtube channel). The motorway of Serres is the only track in the country but also in the Balkans that fully complies with the construction specifications of the International Federation Motorcycle (FIM) and the International Automobile Federation (FIA), for running Formula 3 races.


Technical Specifications of Serres Track

The total length of the track is 3,187 meters and the total area that Includes is about 195 acres. The width of the track is 15 meters at the start-finish straight and 12 meters to the rest of it. Along the way axis slopes range from 1 to 3%. The starting line is long The 662 meters and the other alignments are the smallest of the opposites 24.61 meters and between straight lines 8.21 meters. In total the track contains 16 curves, 9 of which are clockwise and 7 counterclockwise with the radious of curves ranging from 40 to 100 meters. The maximum number of straight curves is 3 while at inside the curves there is a widening on the outside a protective area for competitors from classified material or Grass.

Facilities of Serres Circuit

Inside the track is the parking lot and training of the contestants (Paddock). It occupies an area of 4.900sq.m. and It is approached through the underground passage. The secondary auxiliary road network of 4,800 meters in length inside the track for fast, comfortable and safe ambulance movement, rescue vehicles and fire trucks are in the process construction. Opposite the starting line, a cemented rack is completed reinforced concrete with a capacity of 2,500 spectators, while the rest There are mounted spectator stands of about 2,000 viewers, another removable stand of 1,000 spectators placed in a physical stand on the opposite side of the straight start and finally has a loose end placed in a landscaped area inside the pits, which hosts approximately 1,000 audience.

During events in the above areas a two-store function 100 sq. m. meters and three canteens in equal rows, to the full customer service. In the surrounding area of the racetrack there are landscaped free parking spaces for spectators. The building infrastructure but also a set of small technical projects, necessary for the complete operation of the motorway, they are designed to preliminary design level and joined the third and last in progress.


Length : 3,186.39m

Width : 12m – 15m

Length of start straight : 662,16m

Surface : 187,864.47m²

Left Turns : 7

Right Turns : 9

Turn Geometry : 9 with 40m, 2 with 50m

Turn Radius : 2 / with 60m, 2 / with 80m


Serres Circuit Analysis track